Updated: 7/Aug/2009
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Poster Viewing

Poster list(PDF)

Guidelines for Poster Viewing

Registration for Poster Viewing:
"Poster Registration Desk" next to ASCA Registration Desk, B1, Tokyo Dome Hotel

Registration Time:
Registration is accepted on the day assigned for your poster viewing and display.
Thursday, September 10 8:00 - 9:00
Friday, September 11 8:00 - 9:00
Saturday, September 12 8:00 - 9:00

Poster Display Time & Place:
September10/11/12 08:00-19:00 in Room "Cynthia" & Foyer, B1
Tokyo Dome Hotel
After registration, please check your Poster Number and pin up the prepared posters on the designated board.
(See Poster Viewing/Display Schedule on Personal Page)

Poster Viewing Time set for all ASCA participants:
Thursday, September 10 12:30-13:30,*16:00-17:00
Friday, September 11 12:30-13:30,*17:00-18:00
Saturday, September 12*13:00-14:00
Primary authors are requested to make themselves available at the poster viewing time with asterisk mark(*) at their poster display area. Chairperson(s) may go the rounds for poster viewing during these times and make some comments.

Withdrawal of Posters:
Please withdraw your posters at 19:00. All remaining posters will be removed by secretariat after 19:00.
Login to your Personal Page with your ID No. and password, then click "Abstract" tab, you will find "Accepted" in the middle, and again click "Accepted".
Your poster viewing/poster display schedule is shown.

Poster Viewing/Display Schedule on Personal Page:
Please check your poster viewing/display schedule on your Personal Page of Multi Entry System via a link on ASCA home page at http://www.asca2009.com (click "Registration" tab on ASCA HP) or click the following address of Multi Entry System:



Preparation of Poster:
Please prepare the following two types of posters:
(1)Paper Size: ① 20cm (H) x 70cm (W) showing "Title", "Primary Author's Name" and "Affiliation" to pin up at upper right of the display board.
(2)Poster for text : ② Space 190cm(H) x 90cm(W)
(3)Free paper size within poster space

Note: Space at upper left corner (20cm x 20cm) is for "Poster Number" to be displayed by Secretariat in advance.

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